About the project


Many of us want to do more in our spare time. Chase our dreams, fuel our passions, be more sociable and more productive. That being said, it’s very easy to let life, work, Netflix and gin get in the way.

To help us all focus our attentions, we’ve created the side project. Held every Saturday in some of Dublin's coolest eateries, it encourages you to come up with, develop and make progress on your side projects. It’s a positive space, where sharing creativity and ideas is encouraged.

the side project is a productive social outing, where like-minded individuals meet to drive and inspire each other to be more proactive in their downtime, while enjoying a productive Saturday morning over some great food.


Sam Moorhead

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Sam has 6 years behind him working in advertising, now in agency Boys and Girls. Away from his real job, he’s used his film-based side projects to live out his fantasies. They include a sketch about a cult, a short about murder, and he’s working on a web-series about a failed boyband. You can see his fantasies and his real work here



Caomhán Connolly


Caomhán has an expensive habit of turning his side projects into full time projects. Over the past 10 years his entrepreneurial adventures have taken him to such exotic places as China, New York and the RDS. He currently resides as the Director of Strategy in Bold Studios. You can find out more about them here and him here.