Sadly, very few of us are in our dream job. We may well never be. That’s why we believe everybody should spend more time doing the things they love outside of work. When we’re dedicating time to our passions, we’re at our happiest. That’s why we’re trying to inspire everybody to have a side project.

Having a side project benefits you in lots of ways. It relieves frustration at your 9-5, knowing you’re chasing your dreams elsewhere. It encourages you to learn new skills and try out new things. It helps build your contacts, and maybe even reputation. It can leave you rejuvenated going into the office, making you happier with your work/life balance.

In short, you don’t need to start a successful career from one, or ever finish one - but we believe you should have a side project.


Sam Moorhead

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Sam has 6 years behind him working in advertising, now in agency Boys and Girls. Away from his real job, he’s used his film-based side projects to live out his fantasies. They include a sketch about a cult, a short about murder, and he’s working on a web-series about a failed boyband. You can see his fantasies and his real work here



Caomhán Connolly


Caomhán has an expensive habit of turning his side projects into full time projects. Over the past 10 years his entrepreneurial adventures have taken him to such exotic places as China, New York and the RDS. He currently resides as the Director of Strategy in Bold Studios. You can find out more about them here and him here.