How it works

How it Works.


Every Saturday we bring together 25 creative types to share ideas around the breakfast table in one of Dublin’s coolest eateries. Each week is different, but a few key ingredients stay the same. Delicious food, a great people, and a cool venue are always on the menu, although all may vary week-to-week. To keep things fresh, we always bring in a new speaker, and move between three workshop styles.


Workshop style 1: Intimate Groups


After hearing from an inspirational speaker, everybody will split into groups of 4, as they explain their passion projects. Everybody is allocated 15 minutes, as the whole group works together to solve any potential hurdles the idea might have, or to improve and refine it.


Workshop style 2: Speed Dating

This style is to help fast-forward thinking - and to practice your elevator pitch. In a one-on-one speed dating format, everybody is challenged to discuss the next challenge their project faces with as many people as possible. And it features a speaker too, of course.


Workshop style 3: Group Therapy

After listening to the wise words of our speaker, we split everybody into two groups. Meaning everyone gets a chance to air any problems facing their project, as the big group works it out together. At the end of each week everyone will share what they plan to achieve before their next attendance.


The Community

We understand it’s not possible to make every week, but that shouldn’t get in the way of progressing your project. Once you’ve been to one of the breakfasts, you’ll become a member of the side project. You can share your journey with a group of like-minded folks, have a lot of fun along the way, while receiving ongoing support from the side project community and team.